Electrical Insulating Products

Electrical Insulating Products

This division manufactures various Composites like:

We are the major suppliers to some of India's leading Electrical Equipment companies like ABB, Alstom, Bharat Bijlee, CG Global, Emerson Trident, Leroy Somers, Cummins Generator Technologies, Siemens etc.

As a result of our relentless pursuit of quality, we have obtained Product Certification from Underwriters Laboratories, USA.

In the current manufacturing scenario where manufacturers are competing to produce world class products at competitive rates, manufacturers are looking to simplify production lines by outsourcing components and processes.

BEICO Industries Private Ltd offers a one stop solution for Insulation material used in electrical products. Our company has a Kit making facility which offers insulation material in ready to use form as per the requirement of the customer.

Through processes such as close tolerance slitting, cuffing, die cutting, heat forming, punching, etc., the electrical insulation material is converted to insulation components like Wedges, Slot Cover, Phase Separators, and Slot Liner as per the specification of the customer. These components are packed in individual bags referred to as "Insulation Kits".

Kit components are made from Electrical Grade Insulating Papers, Polyester Films, Nomex Aramid Paper, Composites of Nomex / Polyester/ Nomex, Nomex / Kapton / Nomex, Fleece / Polyester / Fleece (D/M/D), and other electrical insulation material.

BEICO Industries Private Ltd being the manufacturer of Insulation composites is able to understand the properties of the substrates and offer the best available solutions to the customer.

Some of the advantages of using the insulation material in kit form to the customer are:

  • Wastages are eliminated.
  • Reduction in inventories.
  • Reduction in Process time.
  • Savings in labour costs.
  • Uniformity / Standardized components

Beico besides being a premier manufacturer of Electrical Insulating Composites is a major supplier of complementary Insulating Materials.

We are the Authorised distributor of DuPont’s Nomex ® Paper and Boards which we supply to Premier manufacturers of Transformers and Rotating Machines.

We supply Nomex® Paper and Boards made by DuPont in various forms like sheets, rolls and also in Fabricated Forms to customer’s requirements.

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