Machines to make Enamelled Copper Wires

Machines to make Enamelled Copper Wires

Our Concept: To make a machine, which is very easy to use, has the lowest possible energy consumption is friendly to the environment, is easy to install, easy to maintain, and Advanced in technology.

We are constantly improving our products and services and we guarantee to adapt our machine perfectly to the specific needs and conditions of our customers.

The considerably high levels of our design engineers allow us to increase our range of machines and ensure a total connection between the needs of the customers and our products.

Our series of machines are called MEW, which stands for: Machines for Enamelled Wire.

We have currently designed and developed 3 machines:

The MEW machines are the latest in technology with Quick Change drawing machine and the whole process controlled by PLC + Supervision PC.

  • Each line is divided in three units:
    • The drawing machine
    • The enamellings unit
    • The take up.
  • Connector plugs connect every unit in order to make the installation easy.

The control board is located in the enamellings unit below the enamellings oven. It is a single cabinet controlling all the units of the line. Every line has its own control panel to ensure complete independence and reliability.

The latest in electronic controls, which enables to communicate with the production executive to control and monitor the machine wirelessly through a laptop or a desktop. Wireless connection is available for a larger flexibility of the factory automation.

All the process data and alarms are organized in data base and trend charts. Everything is kept under control in order to guarantee 100% quality wire.

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