In Beico we believe in multiculturalism to be part of a successful existence, that is the reason why every year international trainees from all specialties join us to increase their knowledge and improve our systems. If you also want to be part of an amazing team and live an incredible experience, don’t wait anymore and send us your CV!

VINCENT GUEGUEN (Management Trainee – 2008-2009)

BEICO Industries was my first long-term international opportunity.
Working in India was a fulfilling enriching experience, as different ways
to work take place in the professional environment.
BEICO gave me the chance to start new projects in order to improve systems and processes.
Part of my work involved working along with the Direction as well
as the General Managers of every department (HR, Communication, Marketing, Finance).
BEICO provided me with all the tools to improve the processes of the company at all levels,
and I really appreciated the trust they had on me during the whole time I was with them.
It is an experience that I would recommend to anyone and
that I will always remember as one of the greatest ever.

NATHALIE PONCEL (Management Trainee – 2009-2010)

During one year I discovered a company with a very strong business
model and a great international view. I was involved
in the Indian culture and I shared many of my skills with all
Beico employees. It was a great experience as a Management Trainee,
and it was a wonderful experience to work with BEICO. I would strongly
recommend this experience not only for the professional
and reactive position but also for the employees’ spirit.

MARIE JAFFRES (Management Trainee – 2010-2011)


During the year I worked in Beico, I learned a lot,
as much on the professional side as on the personal one,
as everybody in the Company is part of a big family.
Beico is not only a business but also a state of mind:
Always give the best you can to create the best around you.
I will always remember this experience as a constructive and formative one.

CAMILLE LAGAILLARDIE (Engineer Trainee – 2011-2012)


This one-year internship made me understand
how important communication is in an organization and in a company.
It is definitely interesting to see how all departments work together
and how improvements happen day by day. The cultural
integration is very smooth and makes this internship a very rich experience.
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